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The Two Marys

A Christmas contemplation on the two different portrayals of the Madonna in St Matthew and St Luke This is a synopsis of an hour-long visual presentation for the 2nd Sunday in Advent. Using paintings from the great masters, Rudolf Steiner’s motifs and my interpretations, I explore this intriguing theme –

Where do new ideas come from? And how do they emerge?

I found I was working in another space. The mind wasn’t judging, but rather, wondering. Since completing my doctorate in 2018, I have been developing a practice-based program promoting a new approach to creativity and cognition. Rather than writing academic papers, I’ve been giving lectures and workshops at colleges, schools

Some Thoughts on Drawing as a Contemplative Practice

  Art has long been recognized as a tool for self-knowledge, but it is increasingly recognized as a contemplative practice. It can be used simply to observe the way your mind processes information; as a meditation for quieting and focusing the mind and emotions; but it also has potential for

Some thoughts on the practice of beholding art

Light and darkness as revealed    The polarity of light and darkness is an excellent example of a binary opposition where the two opposing forces are best experienced simultaneously. Although they can be found in nature separately, our experiencing of them is enhanced by seeing them together, in interplay. consider

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