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Sun, Moon and Trees: a video exhibition

Archetypal processes in Nature A sequence of nature moods exploring the inner essence of Nature’s processes. Below is an online exhibition of works by Fiona Campbell based on the Nine Training Sketches given by Rudolf Steiner to the artist Henny Geck in 1922 to inspire a new impulse in art.

The Two Marys

A Christmas contemplation on the two different portrayals of the Madonna in St Matthew and St Luke This is a synopsis of an hour-long visual presentation for the 2nd Sunday in Advent. Using paintings from the great masters, Rudolf Steiner’s motifs and my interpretations, I explore this intriguing theme –

An immersive, colour-led process

Reflections on the anthroposophical approach to art ‘ … because it is light filled as well, the nature of watercolour gives a luminosity to the picture which I think gives it an innately spiritual quality’ Sue Cramer, curator of Hilma af Klint: The Secret Paintings exhibition, Art Gallery of NSW.

Being creative

A lived experience I want to write about the lived experience of being creative, so I sit down at my desk with pen and paper to gather my thoughts. But I am immediately beset with what I know, crowding out what I feel or what I experience. Deep immersion into so many theories¹

Some thoughts on the practice of beholding art

Light and darkness as revealed    The polarity of light and darkness is an excellent example of a binary opposition where the two opposing forces are best experienced simultaneously. Although they can be found in nature separately, our experiencing of them is enhanced by seeing them together, in interplay. consider

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