Upcoming Events

  • August (concluded)

  • Reading The World Script: an introductory webinar

    14 August @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

     Cost | $20

    What is it about? This 2-hour webinar explores the macro-, meso- and micro-dynamics of the World ether in Nature and Human Being.

    Who is if for? anyone who would like to understand how the secrets of the Nature are disclosed through studying the dynamics and patterns of the life force that streams through us and the world.

    And where is it? Online  

  • Five Big Questions (concluded)

    25 August @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

    Cost | $40 including GST and emailed reading materials

    What is it about? understanding the difficult nature of human consciousness and its effect on the way we understand history, past, present and future. In this session, we look at whether you really need to understand Steiner’s philosophy to teach in a Steiner School.

    Who is if for? Anyone thinking of becoming a Steiner (Waldorf) teacher or has recently joined a Steiner School community and is wondering what its all about.

    And where is it? Online  

  • September

  • The Etheric Geography Conference, Part 2 (postponed)

    17 September – 19 September

    Cost | To be announced

    What is it about? understanding the effect of our way of thinking on the health of our ecosystems,

    Who is if for? Anyone interested in our fragile ecology and how to find a more receptive connection to it. And anyone interested in Goethean phenomenology and changing their way of seeing and experiencing the world through changing the way they think.

    And where is it? TBA shortly. Originally a hands-on event in rural NSW, it may move to online now or be postponed.  

  • Colour and Consciousness – a painting workshop (postponed

    29 September – 30 September

    Cost | To be announced

  • What is it about? experiencing consciousness through the medium of wet-on-wet watercolour over two afternoons

    Who is if for? Anyone interested in Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy of evolving consciousness and exploring it through colour and painting. This workshop complements to Five Big Questions short course facilitated by Sydney Rudolf Steiner College.

    And where is it? Online.

  • Enlivening The Script Within

    18 September

    Cost | $50 for the day plus preparatory materials

    Cost | $50

  • What is it about? building on the work begun in Reading the World Script (14 August 2021), this i1-day intensive is more practice-based and interactive than the first, as we workshop how to enliven the life forces within so as to be prepared to meet the challenges of today. 

    Who is if for? Anyone and everyone interested in this theme. There are pre-webinar exercises that will only take a few minutes of your time to practice, and some readings if you would like some background material to help provide you with some context. The exercises and readings will be sent out once you have registered. 

    And where is it? Online.

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