Upcoming Events

  • July 2023

  • Breathing through the night: a painting intensive for Winter

    10 February – 5 May @2.00pm-4.00Pm AEDT

     Cost | AU$260

    What is it about? This online series over 5 evenings brings the health-bringing forces of the harmonious breath into our souls and bodies through painting the cycle of the night.

    Who is it for?

    • For anyone who feels the need for soul nourishment at this time of year. The exercises support our mental health and overall wellbeing by harmonising the breath, easing our tensions and bringing our polarities into balance. 
    • You don’t have to be an experienced painter to find nourishment in this series. You can use pastels, wet-on-wet or wet-on-dry techniques.

    And where is it?


  • June 2023

  • From Wasteland to Grail Castle: the Soulscapes of Parzival

    This lecture and artistic presentation follows the journey of the young Parzival soul from his beginnings in the Waste Forest, through his trials of the spirit, to the culmination of his quest at the Grail altar. 

    Parzival is a story that takes place of different levels of reality, and should be understood as such. He wanders through soulscapes that are like dreams, but living dreams. He moves through shifts in consciousness into liminal spaces, but spaces that act as windows opening into the spiritual world, from which he can learn wisdom. 

    Who is it for?

    Anyone interested finding out more about the Parzival and Grail legends

    And where is it?


  • August 2023

  • In Our Own Words: Re-Telling the Parzival Tale

    29 July – 26 August @ 5.00pm AEST

    Cost | $200 Concessions available on request 

    What is it about?

    A series of 5 creative writing workshops reimagining the Grail legend for today’s world.

     In this series of fortnightly workshops together we will explore these key motifs by reimagining this medieval epic with our own words. Each workshop uses one key motif as a prompt to explore its mood and meaning, using different techniques to evoke poems, short stories and imaginative word pictures.

    For anyone who would like to develop their imaginative writing skills; who would like to deepen their own relationship to the Parzival legend; or who enjoys being creative in community with others.

    And where is it?


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