The Lived Experience of a Pandemic

The Lived Experience of a Pandemic was the follow-up online community gathering for the ASinA building on the success of our first event. Here is some of the feedback we received:

“A real warming this cold digital world was experienced”

“Thank you for the Easter talk, it supplied nourishment in an otherwise bleak festival”.

“Huge thanks and congratulations to everyone. The light that Rob spoke about truly passed around everyone who tuned in. A wonderful beginning, full of love. So much to be grateful for.”

“It is very reassuring to have been given the chance to meet together in these dangerous and troubling times. Thank you again for bringing us into a different way of communicating – much has been gained.”

“I deeply appreciated the experience and felt part of a community … It was wonderful to see so many people present.”

“Thank you – I am very grateful “

Our second gathering picked up a theme presented in the first one, that of our lived experiences. Two of our presenters in the first event were keen to stress that it is our experiences, not the things we read on Facebook or in the news, that were of particular importance, to recognise how we are responding and feeling and how our days have changed – and what has changed for us.

It was a  more informal session than the first one, a Friday night gathering, where most of the presenters had volunteered to share their experiences, rather than being invited. And that was the intention as part of our community-building strategy.


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